Pricing for E-Commerce Website

Always know what you’ll pay.



Responsive Design
Premium Theme
Premium Plugins
Product Upload (50)
Featured Product
Discount Option
Coupon Code
Payment Gateway Integration*
4 Weeks Development Time
2 Week Free Support



Premium Theme
Product Upload (50)
Featured Product
Discount Option
Coupon Code
Payment Gateway Integration*
Sales Report / Profit Calculation
Suppliers information
Delivery service information
8 Weeks Development Time
3 Week Free Support

Fully Customized

$5000 – ∞

Flexible technology selection
Flexible choice of functionality
Flexible Choice of Design
Payment Gateway Integration*
Subscription based payment
10-20 Weeks Development Time
4 Weeks Free Support

Note: The features listed above, are just common requirements that we get frequently from our clients. These are variable according to your need. Feel free to let us know your requirement.

Frequently asked questions

Who will provide the contents, graphics and images for the website?

You. We will add some basic graphics and images. If you want us to create graphics and images for you, contact us
You will have the admin panel from where you will be able to upload contents, graphics and images. We will provide tutorials and 1-week free support to train you about handling the website.

I don't want to handle anything of my website. What can you do for me?

We know that you are very busy and you don’t have time to manage your website. Don’t worry, leave it to us. We are offering website maintenance service. You will have to pay us a monthly fee depending on the depth of service. For a basic website, you will be charged ৳500/month. Contact us for details.

Why Hosting Price is Separate From Development?

Because you might have a hosting plan already and you might have registered your beautiful domain.

What is the process of paying?

You will have to pay 20% advance to get started and you will have to pay the remaining amount at the day we will deliver the website. If you want to pay 100% advance, we have no problem.